At Easy Tiger we offer Hatha and Vinyasa yoga classes, each class varying from teacher to teacher. Some of our teachers offer a more vigorous, power vinyasa style class, while others focus on slow, deliberate form. All classes focus on breath based cues and mindful body awareness to help guide you through a practice that will leave you feeling more integrated in your mind and body. All of our teachers care very deeply about giving you this sacred and precious gift. Whether you are looking for meditative movement or a sweat building power flow, we have classes to suit your needs. All of our classes are suitable for beginners and last 75 minutes.


Vibrant Flow:

Tap into the most original, essential parts of your mind and movement. This class combines breath, physical fluidity, and primal movement to bring each student a greater sense of body awareness. Designed to center the body and mind, each class will embrace physical and mental transition with ease. Expect to build heat and flow on and off the mat to an upbeat playlist, feeling the post-flow glow for the remainder of your day.


Align is a class for any yogi who is looking to start a practice or deepen their practice. This class focuses on fundamental movements of the body, aligning yourself and exploring the way your body moves and how this is different for each of us. We will focus on mobility and strength to bring you into flexibility. This class is filled with heavy cueing and variations. We move on and off our mats, so come ready to explore, experience a sparkle of sweat, and be lovingly pushed beyond what you thought capable!


We utilize the barre to help with balance as we exercise using isometric strength training combined with high reps of small range of motion movements. This class is energetic with smart movements thatThis class is suitable to all levels


Hatha is an all encompassing practice, with longer holds and an ability to deepen- finding the seat of the posture, while still bringing awareness to breath and moving mindfully through transitions. This class creates a sense of balance by gaining strength and building energy, but also connecting to the calmness of the pose and the workings within. Our hatha classes focus on energy and emotions, allowing students to manifest beautiful intentions. It brings awareness to your whole being- body, mind, and spirit.

Hatha Flow:

Power Hatha is an energizing mix of alignment study and vinyasa flow. The class starts with centering and grounding, followed by a hatha-style alignment study that melts into a fast-paced power flow. It ends with a short meditation into savasana to help you start your day with clarity and focus.


Kundalini yoga is the yoga of awareness. This 75 minute class explores asana, breath, mantra and meditation. Typically each class has a gong relaxation. Beginner friendly.


Restorative Yoga is about relaxation and rest, making you feel revitalized, rejuvenated, and restored. It is the use of many props to support the body in positions of comfort and ease to facilitate health and well being. This practice manipulates the parasympathetic nervous system, allowing your body to reset, even on a cellular level. Restorative Yoga is very beneficial for all of us, especially in todays society where many of us are sleep deprived and over worked. Just being in a restorative pose for twenty minutes can make you feel more at peace within yourself and with all things.

Slow Flow:

This all levels class flows seamlessly, linking breath and movement. Each class is unique yet always focused on embodiment through proper alignment, conscious muscle engagement and presence. Expect to work hard and build up a sweat as you develop strength, flexibility and balance.


This class connects movement and breath with mindful transitions between the poses, creating a flow like sequence. The flow ties together sun salutations, various postures, and pranayama (breath work) to build heat and energy. With the guidance of breath, we are able to easily move through each posture, as well as, deepen asanas with great awareness. Variations and suggested adjustments are given, allowing this to be an all-levels class.


Yin is a slower paced practice with longer holds and a relaxation of the muscles to create a deeper stretch. It gets into our muscle fascia, connective tissue, bones and joints, and tends to focus on the lower half of our bodies- the hips, legs, pelvis, and low back. It also allows us to go deeper within ourselves, often confronting areas of our body or mind that may need healing or attention. It is more feminine in nature in that it allows for the natural flow of energy to move through us, making space for creativity, compassion, love, and acceptance.